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Football Frenzy Pro Football Picks Contest at All Star Casino

What Is Football Frenzy?

Football Frenzy is a professional football picks contest. The object is to pick the winning teams each week for the Sunday and Monday games played during the regular National Football League (NFL) season. The person who gets the most correct picks on the official All Star Casino picks ticket each week, as outlined in the rules, wins a cash prize.

To determine the end-of-season prize winners, we take the best weekly tickets from each player and total up the wins. While the duration of the season is 17 weeks, we will use only the best 15 weeks from each player when tabulating total points. We keep track of each win per week for you. We encourage you to play every week because the more weeks you play, the greater your chances of winning!


  1. Any attempt to cheat will void the customer's right to have a chance at winning a prize.
  2. Each customer will be responsible for writing down his or her picks on each ticket and giving it to the Poker Supervisor.
  3. Customers do not have to be present to win.
  4. Winners must show proper ID to claim their winnings. The Shift Manager/Poker Supervisor will check the ID of the winner and put the winner's name, date of birth, and ID number on the prize log. The winner and Shift Manager/Poker Supervisor will both initial the log.
  5. The house reserves the right to modify or cancel all or any part of this promotion without further notice.


Weekly winner receives $200

Season winners receive:

  • 1st place $1,000
  • 2nd place $800
  • 3rd place $600
  • 4th place $400
  • 5th place $300
  • 6th place $200
  • 7th place $100

Winners and weekly standings are posted on the Winners Wall near the Poker Desk.

How To Play Football Frenzy

Get Your Picks Ticket

Visit All Star Casino to obtain your official picks ticket. Tickets are available in both the Poker Room and the Casino Pit.

You can receive one (1) ticket per day, and a maximum of four (4) tickets per week.

Football Frenzy picks tickets are available starting Sunday for the following week's games. Tickets are handed out every day from opening until close

Select Weekly NFL Game Winners

Each weekly picks ticket lists the NFL football games for that week (Sunday, Monday games only). Pick the team you think will win each game by marking one box per match-up listed on the picks ticket. You will also have the opportunity to write in the total score for each Monday Night Football game. In the event of a tie, the person with the most correct picks AND the closest total score will determine the winner.

Note: A ticket that has marks in both boxes of one game is an automatic loss (incorrect pick). Also, if a space is left blank, it is likewise tabulated as an incorrect pick. No exceptions.

Submit Your Ticket(s)

To enter, turn in up to four (4) completed picks tickets to the Poker Supervisor no later than midnight each Saturday night.

If you turn in more than four tickets in a week, all your picks tickets for that week will be void.

Check Results and Claim Your Prize!

Weekly winners are identified after Monday Night Football games. Winners names will be posted in the Casino.

Winners may pick up their prize in the Casino on Tuesday at noon. Proper ID required.

Visit the Casino to view the most up-to-date Football Frenzy season standings.